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Andalucía Relaxes Covid-19 Restrictions: Curfew Ends & Bars Open Until 12

Soraya Fernández

As of Sunday, 9th of May, the Junta de Andalucía will relax further restrictions as the State of Alarm is brought to an end; meaning that movement outside of the Autonomous Community of Andalucía will be allowed again. Outdoor nightclubs will also make a comeback…

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The Junta de Andalucía announced further de-escalation measures on Thursday night (6th June) that will come into force as of Sunday 9th of May, making the end of the State of Alarm.

The curfew, which will continue to be in force until Sunday is from 6 AM to 11 PM, will be lifted entirely; bars will be able to close at 12 at night and you will also be able to leave Andalucía as from Sunday.

Nightclubs will also be allowed to remain open until two in the morning.

Homes and private spaces will no longer have a limit for the number of people allowed to gather.

As for catering establishments, 8 people will be allowed to sit together indoors and 10 outdoors, depending on the level of alert in that municipality.

Festivals will allow for a maximum of 300 people inside enclosed venues, and 500 outdoors. Also, nightclubs will be making a return, and will remain open until 2 AM, but dancefloors will only be allowed outside, and with mandatory masks when the municipality is at Alert Level 1.

Shows will also return, with one empty seat between spectators so long as the region remains at Level 1, or 1.5 metres if not. There will also no longer be time limits for beaches and swimming pools.

Andalucía Relaxes Covid-19 Restrictions: Curfew Ends & Bars Open Until 12 This Sunday

This was announced on Thursday, after a meeting with the committee of experts, by the President of the Junta de Andalucía Juanma Moreno, who explained that the Junta has proposed a 3-phase de-escalation plan.

The first phase is between the 9th and 31st of May, which consists of all the measures listed above. The second phase will be between the 1st and 21st of June, and then the third phase as from June 21st onwards.

In each phase, opening hours for shops and hotels will progressively be extended, and capacity will be increased according to the four new alert levels which have been established.

As for travelling; it has been indicated that only municipalities with over 5,000 inhabitants with a culminative incidence of more than 1,000 infections per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days will remain closed. In these places, only essential commercial activity will be permitted.

Andalucía Relaxes Covid-19 Restrictions: Curfew Ends & Bars Open Until 12 This Sunday Junama Moreno

In those municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants, a specific risk assessment will be carried out: “As the emergency powers are no longer in place, any municipal closures will have to be ratified by the courts”, he clarified.

In relation to the pandemic, he said that this, alongside vaccination, is his government’s highest priority.

He said that Andalucía is the leading autonomous community in Spain for the administration of vaccines in record time.

Despite this, he appealed to the Ministry of Healthy for more Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, or that people should be given the option to volunteer for their second dose from AstraZeneca.

Andalucía continues to receive batches of AstraZeneca vaccines but without demand, since the population which had been assigned them has almost been entirely covered.

“We will probably have to leave 150,000 doses in the fridge”, he said.

The Andalusian community has received 18% of the AstraZeneca vaccines which have been distributed throughout Spain, but only 16% from either Pfizer or Moderna.
As he has communicated, the Minister of Health and Families, Jesús Aguirre, has addressed by letter to the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, to express the concern of the Andalusian Government and ask that nothing slow down the rate of vaccination in Andalusia.

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Councillor of Health and Families, Jesus Aguirre, has written to the Minister of Health Carolina Darias, expressing the concerns of the Andalusian government that nothing be allowed to slow the vaccine campaign in Andalucía.

“If we continue with our vaccination drive, at this rate, and being prudent in our behaviour, we will be able to reactivate the economy sooner rather than later, and that is my government’s goal. We want to recover jobs and personal projects that have been stopped throughout the year. You can rest assured, there is nothing more important to our government than fighting the virus and the economic and societal consequences,” he ended.

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