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The Spy’s Maids: The Life of Rosalinda Fox, Ángeles Chozas

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The Spy’s Maids – A surprising new biographical novel on the British spy, Rosalida Fox, who lived and died in Guadarranque, by Ángeles Chozas (San Roque)

The legacy of Rosalinda Fox continues to be a source of great inspiration. The British spy who lived and died in the San Roque district of Guadarranque touched many lives, before and even after her death.

The writer, María Dueñas, uncovered her world through her bestseller, “The Time in Between”, which went on to inspire a television series. The British beauty inspired passion among readers and viewers but, up until now, few people in the Campo de Gibraltar knew that she had once been one of their most illustrious neighbours.

Angeles Chozas, Rosalinda Fox

Ángeles Chozas has just presented her fifth book, The Spy’s Maids (published by Ediciones Atlantis), in her hometown – a novel biography about the British spy, which promises to continue to surprise its readers.

Like many Campogibralteños, Chozas had met Rosalinda Fox. She was well known in Guadarranque, but it wasn’t until the release of Maria Dueñas’ book that people began to understand just who this stunning woman with blonde hair and deep blue eyes really was. “She was always surrounded by elegant people. Now I know who she was and who went around with her.”

Maria Dueñas herself encouraged Chozas to write this book: “Maria Dueñas’ book was the trigger,” she admits.

The Spy's Maids, by Angeles Chozas, The Life of Rosalinda Fox

This happened during the increasingly popular literary walk, “The Time in Between”, which Chozas herself has been directing for more than two years where she was able to collect testimonies from those who knew Rosalinda Fox, in addition to obtaining photographs of the British spy. She has more than 60 photos. “It was María Dueñas who gave me the idea for the literary tour. I showed her the photos and told her everything I knew. She told me I had to do something with all that and I got to work,” she says.

And so, The Spy’s Maids was born; a biographical novel which mixes reality and fiction. “It contains real facts and fictionized ideas behind which there is a lot of research, different pieces from which I put together a complete puzzle. It’s been quite a challenge,” she admits.

Angeles Chozas

Ángeles Chozas is aware that, although a lot has been written about Rosalinda Fox, there is still a lot to uncover. The British spy, with whom Franco’s one-time Minister of Foreign Affairs, Juan Luis Beigbeder, fell in love and who was praised by Churchill himself, had a very intense life.

“My book deals with the more intimate details, from the Indian servant she brought here and who was deeply in love with her, to her many affairs. I also explore how deeply her relationships with Franco and Churchill played out,” the author points out.

The book is written as if it were narrated by three maids. Through their testimonies, you will discover, for example, that a cousin of King Juan Carlos I and Ernest Hemingway spent their summers at Rosalinda’s house in Guadarranque. “That was not known before. The reader will discover much more about Rosalinda Fox.”

Rosalinda Fox Walking Tour Guadarranque
Rosalinda Fox Residence

When asked why Rosalinda Fox has sparked so much interest, the author’s response is blunt: “Scandal. We like the forbidden and Rosalinda’s lifestyle was frowned upon at the time. In 1957, she arrived in a fishing village with her lover and her son in a Rolls Royce, sporting a Pamela hat, sunglasses, red painted lips and nails, silk scarves…”

Now we can learn more about the life and loves of this amazing woman, who died alone destitution after an incredible life story. Ángeles Chozas reveals all in The Spy’s Maids.

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