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Gibraltar Election Results 2019: ‘Picardo, 4 more years’

Gibraltar General Election Results 2019: ‘Picardo 4 more years’: The new Parliament will consist of 10 members of the GSLP / Liberals (52.5%), 6 GSD (25.6%) and 1 from Together Gibraltar (20,5%).

Fabian Picardo’s GSLP/Liberal Alliance won the October 2019 General Election held yesterday in a show of popular approval to his Government’s handling of an impressive array of issues confronting Gibraltar.

Aside from the delicate and troubling uncertainty associated with Brexit, the Government has been very active in local matters particularly the building of new schools and social housing.

The main GSD Party currently headed by the lawyer Keith Azopardi based much of its criticism of the Government on what they said was runaway spending and lack of planning.

The principal advocate of economic prudence was the GSD’s Roy Clinton, a retired international banker. But the electorate was not dissuaded from supporting the GSLP/Liberal alliance which has been in government since 2011.

Gibraltar Election 2019: GSLP / LIBERAL

To add to the GSD’s woes, Marlene Hassan Nahon the leader of the Together Gibraltar party which was only created a year ago beat all the GSD candidates although she was unable to get any of her other colleagues into Parliament but only just because Craig Sacarello was just pipped to the last seat in Parliament by the GSD’s veteran Edwin Reyes.

There will be an internal debate in the GSD because 2 of its candidates, Damon Bossino and Daniel Feetham got more votes than party leader Mr Azopardi. Initial reactions from within the party are that the candidate who got the highest voter approval, Mr Bossino should lead the opposition.

Speaking on GBC TV which has provided excellent coverage of the General Election, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo spoke of a new more cooperative approach to local political debate .

He said that since 1992 when the GSD first got into opposition, later to be elected into government in 1996, a very contentious approach had affected local politics but that he now had good personal relations with all the party leaders.

Cooperation among all Gibraltarian politicians is of course particularly important now that Gibraltar faces many external challenges.

The new Parliament will consist of 10 members of the GSLP / Liberals (52.5%), 6 GSD (25.6%) and 1 from Together Gibraltar (20,5%).

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