Sotogrande Sunday Market: Luxury Outdoor Shopping Experience

Rosario Pérez · Fotos: Fran Montes

The Sotogrande Sunday Market: Glamourous Sunday Mornings and High-class Craftmanship

The Sotogrande Sunday Market, held at la Ribera del Marlin, is an essential attraction for out-door shopping.

Every Sunday, the pleasant Ribera del Marlin boardwalk next to the restaurants and leisure area of the Sotogrande Marina, becomes an attraction for lovers of open air markets – especially for those on the look-out for something different to the typical street-markets.

Market Stalls Sotogrande

Unlike the atmosphere at the weekly flea markets in other localities around Sotogrande, there are no crowds to push through here, no loud sales-pitch cries, no digging through pyramids of piled up clothes, and no ‘too good to be true’ bargains…

Here, in this idyllic corner of southern Andalusia, bathed in the gentle breeze of the Mediterranean, between luxury condominiums painted in pastel tones, well-kept semi-tropical vegetation and private yachts coming and going from their moorings, visitors calmly stroll pass the stalls without haste or greed, while the tranquillity and beauty of this unique enclave fills all with a pleasant holiday-vibe.

Sotogrande Sunday Market Crafts

Surrounded by restaurants with innovative and healthy menus, art galleries that could compete with those in larger cities, and shops selling stylish and mostly bohemian clothing, original accessories and decorative items, the Sotogrande flea market cannot – nor does it want to – escape the “glamorous” atmosphere of its surroundings.

Sotogrande Sunday Market, Art

Open from 10AM to 3PM, the stalls with their picturesque, colourful awnings offer visitors a wide variety of items: from hippy-chic clothes, shoes and vintage accessories to works of art by painters and sculptors based in and around the Costa del Sol, to handcrafted jewellery and decorative objects sourced from various parts of the world.

This small paradise for alternative shoppers first started operating in the early 90s. According to some of the market’s veterans, the stalls were located in the streets and squares of Puerto Sotogrande in the early years; then, looking to find a better location, they moved to the boardwalk next to the urbanization’s Royal Yacht Club, before finally deciding on its current location by these peculiar backwater canals, with their bridges and elegant homes reflected in the water, reminiscences of Venice.


A few steps from the market stalls, the Jugarnia children’s area offers those coming to Sotogrande with kids a way to keep them busy with fun attractions such as a trampoline with harness, a ballpark and even a miniature golf course.

Keep in mind that the stylish area of the Sotogrande Marina rounds off the outdoor shopping experience during the summer months, with another original night market which usually opens to the public starting seven o’clock in the evening, and typically offers special entertainments for the younger visitors.

In addition to boho-chic fashion, delicate pieces of jewellery and costume accessories, art and interior and exterior decoration items in vintage style, this market also offers a varied cuisine by ways of food-trucks over the last few of summers


The Sotogrande Sunday Market: Glamourous Sunday Mornings and High-class Craftmanship

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