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Animal Shelters in La Línea Forced to Find New Homes

Soraya Fernández · Photos: Fran Montes

Animal Shelters in La Línea Forced to Find New Homes | Animal in Need Prodean | Gato Andaluz

Prodean and ‘El Gato Andaluz’ are faced with having to relocate, and are now looking for a new location for their facilities, whilst at the same time taking care of hundreds of cats and dogs

Dozens of people dedicate their spare time to care for abandoned, injured and mistreated animals. Although they are able to deliver, theirs is an enormous task for which they always need more assistance. Especially so when we consider that those who abandon animals no longer do it in the summer months as once was the case, but are doing so throughout the year. Their work is quiet, but priceless.

In La Línea there are two main animal shelters which do a wonderful job: The Animals in Need Prodean, founded in 2005, and El Gato Andaluz, established in 2010. In addition to their heavy workload, which includes the rescue, care, treatment and housing of up to 800 animals, their current location in El Zabal has recently been sold and they are required to relocate.

Luckily, although it initially seemed that they were going to have to leave immediately, the new landlord has still not contacted them – meaning that they will have more time to find a new location.

Ana Borrallo is the president for the Animals in Need-Prodean, who has been leading the organisation for years. Despite losing her friend and heart and soul of the shelter, Peter Koekebakker (also known as Pedro “El Holandés” (‘the Dutchman’)), Ana has not lost hope. On the contrary, she continues to push forward.

“It seems that we will have some more time to look for a ‘way out’. We have had meetings with the mayor in order to find a solution. They have indicated that there might be a plot of land available, although it is still not clear to us whether it will be municipal land, or private property which we would have to acquire. In any case, we need to find a solution and build everything from the ground up; to have a place of our own.”

This shelter received valuable assistance from people throughout the region and Gibraltar, as well as from the Netherlands and Germany. Animals in Need managed to raise funds in Holland in only a matter of days – over €120,000 – in order to buy their current facilities. However, their attempts proved fruitless due to the owner having found another buyer.

Their counterparts in the Netherlands and Germany continually provide relief to this already overcrowded shelter in La Línea, and hundreds of dogs have been adopted and sent to new homes in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK. In fact, statistics show that these countries combined adopt about 80 animals per month.

“In the coming days, 38 more dogs will be leaving for Holland, but we still have another 30 homeless dogs. It’s always like this, but we never give up what we’re doing because people persist in abandoning their pets. Unfortunately, it seems that the problem is getting worse,” says the president.

‘El Gato Andaluz’ (Andalusian Cat) is also located within the same plot of land. They are a non-profit organisation that is solely funded by its hundreds of members and sponsors, as well as charitable donations. It does not have the same financial cushion as the ‘Animal in Need’ shelter.

Damián García, who is the president of this association, has unfortunately been forced to make the decision not to house any new cats at his shelter until these doubts have been cleared. Usually, El Gato Andaluz houses around 80 cats, but currently has only 60: “We don’t know what is going to happen. If we do not find new premises, I don’t know what we’re going to do because it is obviously more difficult to reallocate 80 as opposed to 60 cats. Until we have something set in stone, we cannot bring in more.”

García says that things are moving “very slowly” and says that it is important that they find a plot of land as soon as possible in order to build these facilities without delay: “We have visited a plot in La Ermita, but we have been unable to track down the owner, so we are waiting for the City Council to tell us who it is. I feel optimistic only because I want to be, but everything is moving very slowly. The sooner we find a place, the sooner we can fix this.

Both shelters are therefore appealing to those in the Campo de Gibraltar and Gibraltar, who are an important factor in their ability to support these animals, to help support this cause. Partners, sponsors, host families and volunteers form the basis of these organisations which are always in need of more support to allow them to give these animals a second chance at life.

Adoption is the Best Solution

Animal Shelters in need prodean

You help by donating food or money to this cause, but by far, adoption is the best option. “At Animal in Need-Prodean we provide these animals with a roof over their head, food and all the necessary care while we search for families that can give them the love and care that they deserve. If you have a place in your homes and hearts for a new family member, contact us,” reads their website.

The ‘Gato Andaluz’ is also calling for those who’d like an adorable cat in their lives to come to their facilities.


If you’d like donate to Animals in Need, you can do so via transfer to CAIXES BBXXX ES77 2100 8518 28 2200 45243, they also accept PayPal donations.

If you’re interested in helping the Gato Andaluz: Caixabank ES36 2100 8554 3622 0002 6038, they too accept donations via PayPal.

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