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2019 University of Gibraltar Language Courses

Chris Gomez

University of Gibraltar Europa Point Campus

Rebecca Moon is the Programme Coordinator for the Europa Point Language Centre at the University of Gibraltar, which officially opened its doors after a soft launch in 2018.

Previously working as an English teacher in the UK, and having run three language academies in the province of Cadiz (Spain), Rebecca is now focusing on the set up and development of the University’s Language Centre.

Although the Centre is a relatively new addition to the University’s wide academic offering, there has been an enthusiastic reception from students and working professionals alike from Gibraltar and the Campo de Gibraltar.

“Our intake has been good”, Rebecca explains. “We have students now living in the area originally from La Linea, but we’ve also had an array of students living in the area from Mexico, Uruguay, Switzerland, Brazil, Morocco and Egypt who want to improve their English.”

The Language Centre the follows the syllabus of the ‘Cambridge Assessment English’ and are offering an array of General English courses, both part-time and intensive for non-native speakers who want to improve their English proficiency, as well as Vocational Spanish Courses.

“Our General English Intensive courses are a refreshing alternative for students who would usually look at going to the UK and USA.”

“Now these students can access these types of courses here in Gibraltar and can enjoy a fully immersive experience in an English speaking environment closer to home.”

Class sizes are typically between 4-12 students, providing valuable one-to-one contact with tutors and, as Rebecca points out:

“Many Spanish students are good at reading and writing in English but sometimes find speaking challenging; and may feel embarrassed, but because it’s of small class sizes and everyone has to get involved it’s much more comfortable.”

English for Specific Purposes Course

This course offers English classes tailored to professionals wanting to improve their industry-specific vocabulary who work in areas such as hospitality and tourism, sports, academe, business and the services sector.

Business English Course

“Gibraltar has an incredibly varied international community who live or work here, so this course will hone in on and improve their English skills specifically for the workplace: how to communicate in meetings, formal writing, negotiation skills and how to give better presentations.”

Living and Learning English Taster Course

American Steps Gibraltar

Interactive, three day courses that give students an interactive insight into Gibraltar by exploring important landmarks while improving their English proficiency as a group: “We will be exploring themes such as the Islamic footprint on the Rock, the ‘Wonders of the Sea’ and natural history.” This course is still in development but you can apply now.

Intensive English Courses

University of Gibraltar Europa Point Campus
University of Gibraltar Europa Point Campus

“Because English is required for Spanish students to complete their degrees at the University, we offer 5 levels; elementary A2 level, pre-intermediate B1, intermediate B2, advanced C1 and proficient C2; students can choose from the 2, 6 and 12 week courses which are between 20-24 hours per week.”

“It doesn’t matter what your level of English is; everyone feels welcome. Due to Gibraltar’s unique bilingual community, you can enter with a low level of English and feel secure in the knowledge that you are surrounded by people who can speak Spanish.”

You can apply for these courses at under ‘courses’ (select ‘Languages’ from the dropdown menu).

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